About Pedilase®

An estimated 23 million people in the United States struggle with nail fungus. Once fungus gets under a nail, it's difficult to treat. Topical treatments don't always work and oral medications carry a risk of side effects and can be hard on the body.

Now there is a revolutionary laser treatment that is fast becoming the industry standard. It doesn't hurt and anesthesia is never needed. Shoes and nail polish can be worn immediately after treatment. We termed the process the "PediLase" ™ laser treatment.
Pedilase machine

You deserve to have beautiful feet and we would love to help you!

We use the patented laser which is FDA "CLEARED" for general use in podiatry and dermatology. The laser is one of few specially designed lasers used in clinical trials to treat the pathogens associated with nail fungus. The laser beam goes through the nail and safely reduces the infection in the nail bed that cause nail fungus.

The procedure requires one or a small number of safe, quick treatments with little or no discomfort and is performed as an outpatient service with no anesthesia. The gentle laser light beam has no effect on healthy tissue and treats only the infected area. No drugs are used, eliminating the total-body side effects of traditional oral medications.

Clinical studies are demonstrating that the laser reduces fungal infection and promotes clear nail growth. The laser is safe, effective and most patients improve after their first treatment.



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