Are you tired of your calluses snagging your stockings or socks? Would you like to cuddle up with your loved one and play footsie but your rough feet feel like sandpaper? Our microderm-abrasion treatments can make a dramatic change in the way your feet look and feel. We offer both the Silk Peel™ and the Dermapeel™ to renew your feet – and your spirits! 

Long used in exclusive European spas, both of these treatments are gentle and painless and  actually infuse skin with nutrients while exfoli-ating dead skin cells. These revolutionary tools remove old, dead, dry skin, and make discolor-ations vanish. They can be used to treat all skin types and colors and help with a variety of con-ditions. You will see and feel a significant differ-ence, even after the very first treatment with feet that glow with health and feel as soft and smooth as, well, baby feet!


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