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Nail Laser Treatment in McLean, Ashburn, Fairfax, and Reston, VA

Toenail fungus is an embarrassing problem that could lead to the complete loss of a toenail. The yellowing, flaking, and unpleasant odor is enough to make you want to hide your feet away forever and never wear sandals again. You could finally get relief from toenail fungus with a nail laser treatment called PediLase. Laser treatments have been used successfully in various medical applications, and are now used in podiatry to restore healthy tissue.

A Common Reason for Nail Laser Treatment
One of the most common reasons why you may need nail laser treatment is a persistent problem with nail fungus, also identified as a condition called onychomycosis. The fungi that most aggressively attacks the nailbed is called a dermatophyte. It can quickly spread from one toenail to another. The first thing that your podiatrist may recommend to fight foot fungus is the application of an antifungal nail cream, which must be administered each day to be effective. An oral medication may also help. But some cases of nail fungus are so stubborn that you may need laser treatment.

How Does Nail Laser Treatment Work?
PediLase is a laser therapy that requires the application of a beam of light to the nail to eliminate infected tissue while keeping healthy tissue in good condition. The light is gentle on the nail and skin while removing the unwanted matter and is strong enough to reach under the nail bed. The treatment is completed in one or a few relatively short appointments, and you can go home right after each visit.

Benefits of Choosing This Nail Solution
Trying to resolve a problem with toenail fungus with topical agents can be messy and very time-consuming. If you forget to apply the cream or keep exposing the toes to elements that could continue the growth of fungus, the treatment may not work. Oral medications can cause other complications in the body or take a long time to produce results. Many patients see a reduction in symptoms after the first treatment when they opt for nail laser treatment. It’s considered a safe and effective way to restore the appearance and health of your toenails.

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